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To assist all our partners who are eagerly seeking beauty, EASECOX provides an extremely profitable incentive scheme and adopts the most concise system. Anyone without experience in sales can succeed with the assistance of EASECOX’s professional training and quality products. Success is never unreachable in EASECOX, where you can own a flexible home-based business and use the leverage of a very small investment to gain a concise income. Join us, and you can help yourself as well as your families and friends to own a lifelong business of beauty.

Tips for Slimming the Lower Half of the body
There are no ugly women, only lazy ones. In the course of shaping the lower half of your body, the smart use of various shape wear will help you to work less and get more.

Secrets about Sun Protection Indexes
While welcoming the Summer, you have to know how to select sun block products that really suit you.

Session for Something about Fragrant Essential Oil (1)
The so-called essential oils come from plants and are the fragrant substances extracted from them. Essential oils are highly concentrated and volatile.

Five a Day -- Cancer Away
In 1991, the “Five a Day Campaign” was launched in the United States to encourage people to eat five portions of fresh vegetables and fruits
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Amylinear Diamant Underwear Collection (100% Made In Japan) Iso 001 2002 International Approve

The Founder Of The EASECOX INTERNATIONAL GROUP, Ms .Ya-Chu Lin She started the business at the age of 32. Her original motive was a desire to be curvaceous again. She then helped others to retrieve their beauty and that was how Easecox, the world of beauty engineering, was born. When operations began in 1988, EASECOXadopted a philosophy of cooperation and co-prosperity with Shapewear slimming control undergarments as major products. EASECOXwas recognized as the number-one brand in Taiwan and in 1994 was named in Business Weekly as one of the Top Ten Popular Brands. EASECOXalso joined the TOP 300 Service Providers in the same year and sales reached a new record of NTD2.2 billion. The first four targets were achieved in only a few years. Creating a Brand has never been easy. But in 14 years Ms. Lin successfully turned EASECOXinto a group with hundreds of thousands of employees from a very small beginning - a company of three. Along the way Ms. Lin was able to achieve much personal satisfaction and joy. She always believed that it was not her personal contribution, but the hard work of the whole team that led to the achievement of EASECOX. She was very public-spirited and was active in many public welfare organizations. In January 1995 the “Ya-Chu Cultural Foundation” was founded and has been dedicated to all aspects of the care of women since then. Ya-Chu Lin’s life ended tragically at the age of 46 on May 25, 2002. She was on her way to Beijing on a business trip and died in the CI-611 Penghu Crash. Thanks to the stable foundation she laid, EASECOXhas continuously practiced “reality, righteousness and beauty”, concepts she shared with all people in China and the whole of Pacific Asia.

Attractive Reward System:

Attractive Reward System: